English to Arabic translation services

English to Arabic translation services



In Localization, Translation involves more than substituting words from one language with words from another. It is the process of conveying the total meaning to the target language, and it requires knowledge of local markets, their culture, and customs.

It also requires knowledge of specialized fields and industries. And it requires the technology to provide consistent and accurate localized product. Our highly skilled translation team with advanced language management and translation technology, is able to provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective translations.

Translation technologies

Translation Memory

translation memory

This technology allows translators to automatically re-use previously translated texts. Translated sentences are stored in databases. When a new sentence is submitted for translation, the system searches for the best match(es) according to pre-defined algorithms and highlights the differences.

By avoiding the re-translation of similar sentences, translation memory allows dramatic productivity gains but also complete consistency for jobs involving several translators. New versions and updates are translated for a fraction of the time and costs required for the previous one. Translation memory is also used as a Quality Assurance tool as it allows checking translation consistency.

Glossary Development
and Management

translation glossary

Using updated and maintained terminology is a critical factor of the quality and consistency of translated documentation.

Glossarization also ensures consistency and fluency between different versions and components. Our terminology specialists can build terminology databases specific to your products or services.